IELTS Writing Task II, Model Essay

The planet’s population is reaching unsustainable levels and people are facing a shortage of resources like water, food, and fuel. To what consequences may overpopulation lead? In your opinion what measures can be taken to fight overpopulation.

There is no secret that while population growth is inevitable, resources cannot be reproduced at the same pace. While some may lament that there might be far too many people on God’s green Earth, and cherish Malthusian fears, others take a more laid-back approach. However as much as I feel opposed to overdramatizing the existing situation, it should be recognized that the problem does seem to be rather grave. The following essay will analyze the issue of overpopulation and present possible solutions.

There are definitely fears linked to overpopulation manifested in a shortage of crucial resources such as water, fuel and food. Through that lens, it is deemed that while it is next to impossible to control population growth, resources are exhaustible, and these may easily come to an end at a critical point of time. With this in view, many draw a rather grim picture of humanity waging wars to get access to vital resources such as food and water. Another gruesome image is that of starving children which is especially heartbreaking. There are thought to be some of the future consequences of overpopulation.

It is interesting to see that once we concentrate on the problem itself, initial solutions appear to be Draconian at the very least. Imagine a totalitarian state of 1984 and the watchful eye of the Big Brother controlling the growth of population. This image is even more dystopic than the consequences arising due to overpopulation. However, if we think outside the box, it becomes more evident that finding ways to reproduce resources seems to be more reasonable than the attempts to control population growth instead. In other words, it is vital to reproduce the existing resources and find viable alternative sources of energy.

To conclude, although the problem of overpopulation is not quite eye-opening, one should not turn a blind eye to it. It is also important to keep in mind that some solutions might cause even a more grim future than the consequences of overpopulation. With this in mind, I would advocate for solutions linked to reproducing existing resources and finding viable alternatives.


on God’s green Earth (на зеленой земле Божьей) — выражение используется с иронией, чтобы высмеять излишний драматизм проблемы перенаселения.

Malthusian fears (страхи Мальтуса) — отсылка к Томасу Мальтусу, автору пессимистичной теории о народонаселении.

Imagine a totalitarian state of 1984 and the watchful eye of the Big Brother — отсылка к книге «1984» Джоржда Оруэлла.

В целом, сочинения не обязательно должны быть бесцветными и не иметь никакой эмоциональной окрашенности, даже если речь идет об академическом сочинении. Старайтесь писать так, чтобы этот текст хотелось читать дальше, а не засыпать от скуки.

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